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California/Colorado Tour

Jai Ma!

Dear Villagers,

Dustin Thomas, Nahko and I (Little Buffalo, Little Bear and Little Elk), along with our good brother Cas Haley, had the great blessing of sharing the stage with each other in California and Colorado this past December …

“While I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; For I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being….And I saw that it was holy.” -Black Elk

The tour through California and Colorado was a time of great learning, great healing and great movement. I am so thankful for all of you that journeyed from different corners of this country to come and see the shows, and for allowing us to share with you our songs and stories. We appreciate you lending your hearts and your ears to us and I cannot wait to continue to build connections and gather the villagers. A BIG thank you to you, villagers, for your continued support and love.

Looking forward to seeing many more of your faces in 2014 … All good things ahead.

“What we are, we see outside, for the world is our mirror. This little body is a little mirror we have created, but the whole universe is our body. We must think this all the time; then we shall know that we cannot die or hurt another, because he is our own. We are birthless and deathless and we ought only to love.” -Swami Vivekenanda CW Vol. 8:48-9

Rest All Is Ok

Lots of Love,


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What an incredible way to bring in the New Year! We offer humble thanks to the Australian landscape and to all the ancestors for allowing us to come and share in song upon such powerful land. Byron Bay showed us an incredible amount of love and we are so looking forward to returning and visiting many more parts of the country. Keep spreading the word, Australian villagers, and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

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Haradhan Das Baul

Dear Villagers,

Last year during my retreat in India, I had the great honor and privilege of studying under Haradhan Das Baul, a Baul singer from the villages of West Bengal, India. The Bauls are a sect of mystical musicians who come from Bengal, India. Traditionally, these wandering mystics traveled from village to village singing their songs and dancing, a way by which they sought and felt the ecstasy of union with God. Their songs, it is understood, are their scriptures. They are known for their unconventional manner, as indicated by their name: the Bengali word ‘baul’ is derived from the Sanskrit vatula, meaning “mad.” They are often referred to as “madmen drunk with God.”

My time with Haradhan Das Baul has greatly influenced my upcoming record. Many of the songs are inspired by the mystical teachings and philosophies that were handed down to me by my great teacher. It is my sincere hope that the culture and songs of the Bauls of Bengal continue forever.

Haradhan Das Baul – Ami Hridmajare

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Soulshine Bali, Indonesia

This past December we had the great honor of attending my good friend Michael Franti’s benefit concert, Bali Soulshine Festival. This beautiful two-day festival raised funds for both the Bumi Sehat Birthing Center, founded by 2011 CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim, as well as the Green School Bali Scholarship Fund. This was our first trip to Indonesia and we were greatly overwhelmed by the abundance of love and support that we received from everyone. It is our great hope that this festival will continue in years to come and that we can continue to be a part of such an uplifting and meaningful experience.  To learn more about the festiaval and the organizations that it supports, check out the links below:

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