Dear Villagers



I am so extremely grateful and humbled to share this project with you all!

The song “To Zion” is a song that means so much to me. It was written a few years ago and has remained close to me ever since. The song was inspired by a few different things, but the main inspiration came from a line out of a book I was reading at the time called “Book of Memory: A Rastafari Testimony” by Prince Williams. In the book, Prince says “Zion is in the heart … and Love is the key to open Zion’s door.” The line hit me with its simplicity and subtle wisdom.

I began to write the song based on that one line, thinking and imagining what it would be like to walk that sacred road into Zion, into the kingdom of the heart. That is how it manifested and every time I sing the song, I am thrown back into that meditation.

When thinking of ideas for the video, I wanted to celebrate how different cultures and peoples of the earth invoked that space within. For me, it doesn’t matter which culture you came from or what road you are walking on. I believe we all will end up at the same house. We just need love to open the door.

I am so grateful to all of the dancers who participated in this video and to all the people who so lovingly made this happen for us. And a special thanks to Kelly Teacher for beautifully directing the video. I feel blessed to be a part of it all.

Hope you all enjoy it!
Spread the word!

Lots of love and light


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