UP THERE - Official Music Video

I am so excited to be sharing our new music video for “Up There”. This song is extremely special to me, so I thought I’d let you all in on the inspiration behind it ... 

In January of 2017, my wife, Emory, and I traveled back to India after not being there for about 4 years. In a Himalayan town called Rishikesh, we were able to arrange a private meeting with a great female saint named Sri Siddhi Ma. This was a meeting that I had been dreaming about for years … and it finally happened.

The meeting was unlike any experience I’ve ever had in my life. Because Ma was very old, she did not verbally say anything to us. However, what she communicated to us through her presence was almost inexplicable - as profound, clear and vast as the open blue sky. The details of our blessed meeting are still so vivid for me … walking up the stone stairs to the roof to meet her, all of the wrinkles in her hands, the pure white cloth that she was dressed in, her feet tapping the ground as we sang songs to her. It was all so magical, pure, and simple. 

My song, ‘Up There’, is my recollection and reverence of that moment … It is the container that holds the memory and brings me back to that time and space, again and again.

When we have experiences like this, our minds usually try to make sense of it. We try to compartmentalize and analyze every detail to gain an understanding. But some things are impossible to understand and can only be felt within the heart. After our meeting with Ma, my wife Emory looked at me and said, “What just happened up there?” - this became the first line I wrote for the song. 

For the music video, we wanted to recreate that magical, undefinable feeling and communicate it in a visual way. We wanted it to be abstract and dreamy … not portraying any particular message, but simply just a feeling. 
At the end of our meeting with Sri Siddhi Ma, her attendant Jaya said to us … “Sing to Ma where ever you are. She will hear you.” These words rang true in my heart and became the chorus to the song: “I know you can hear my song.” 

And so it is. 

I truly hope that you all enjoy the video and I hope you can feel some sense of that peace and calm that I felt with Ma while watching it. 

Lots of love and light,