Trevor Hall & Dirtwire Concord Music Hall - Grateful Web Interview


March 29th, on a drizzly spring evening in Chicago, Trevor Hall and Dirtwire performed at Concord Music Hall to an all-ages show. The show collided two tribal influenced acts into one wholesome performance that nourished the crowd. After treating audiences of this tour to their new single “Strength in One”, the track is now out available for all to hear.  

Dirtwire is composed of David Satori (Beats Antique), Evan Fraser (Dogon Lights), and Mark Revelery (Sol Norda). Paired with the Fred Rodgers of the indie songwriter world, I watched from the balcony as the crowd swayed together as one.  I was reminded of the way music lulls a baby. The positivity exuding from stage absolutely lulled the audience while energizing the crowd to waves as if at a baseball game.

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